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News organisations around the world can no longer rely solely on advertising and sales revenues. As Guardian Media Group looks beyond traditional sources of funding, the backing of third parties who are willing to support the Guardian’s journalism while respecting its editorial independence and freedom enable the coverage of important subjects that may too easily be neglected elsewhere.

The Guardian works with a number of private foundations around the world who support specific projects. Examples of these relationships include:

– A grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help support the Guardian’s Global Development site
– The Joseph Rowntree and the Open Society Foundations have given their support to the award-winning Reading the Riots series
– Humanity United fund a project looking at issues relating to modern-day slavery
– Hivos provide support towards the Guardian’s coverage of closed societies
– Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist Graeme Wood is a founding investor in the Guardian’s digital edition in Australia

In all cases, editorial independence remains unaffected. Editors and writers go about their journalism in exactly the same way as they would normally – without reference to funders (be they grant-makers or sponsors).